Our commitment is to provide State approvals in a timely manner so your product gets on the market quickly, with minimal delays.

Developing common interest subdivisions in California is a complicated process. One of the complications is the requirement to create a homeowners association to oversee the maintenance and management of the common areas and amenities. The financial cost of this management is structured through a proposed Budget, which is reviewed and approved by the California Department of Real Estate (DRE). This Proposed Budget must be prepared as accurately and as thoroughly as possible; it must be used during the first year of operation of the Homeowners Association.

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We’ve been preparing start-up budgets for Homeowners Associations for over 20 years, focusing on common interest subdivisions and supporting documentation required to meet with the State Department of Real Estate approval. Developers are well advised to retain an expert consultant who is well versed in the requirements of the Department of Real Estate (DRE), and knowledgeable of the various aspects of DRE Processing and Association budgeting and operation. We have experience in creating specialized budget programs adapted for large projects, namely Level Assessments programs; Range of Assessments; and Large Increment Budget programs.

  • Facilitate the public report process for the Developer
  • Collaborate with Developer, planning, sales, and escrow team to ensure smooth processing
  • Prepare Homeowner’s Association start up Budget(s)
  • Work with the Engineer on the mapping requirements
  • Work with the Attorney to ensure that the management documents tie to the documents prepared in the DRE filing
  • Work closely with Title and Escrow to create a smooth transition to sale outs
  • Conduct training classes and learning programs for escrow and title, sales agents and brokers, developers, and attorneys on the DRE requirements and processing.
  • Research data to complete applications
  • Preliminary (pink) Public Report
  • Conditional (yellow) Public Report
  • Final (white) Public Report
  • Amendments and Renewals as needed
  • Work with engineer to make sure representations made to the DRE are in line with City/County approvals
  • Assist with creation of Phasing program
  • Obtain will-serve letters as required by DRE
  • Coordinate with Title and Escrow in the
    preparation of sample documents
  • Coordinate documents with the Attorney
  • Coordination of phasing program
  • Preparation of required DRE-required budget
  • Work with Developer and Engineer to resolve
    take-off information
  • Flexible phasing programs such as “Range of Assessments” or “Large Increment” Budgeting programs for DRE approval