BRE Still Pursuing Water Letters

water letters

With measurable rain in California, it may be surprising for some to learn that the DRE is continuing to pursue water letters affirming “ample, potable” water availability on subdivisions where vacant lots are being offered for sale. Filings where homes are offered may be exempt from obtaining a water letter in many cases, but it […]

Considerations for Mixed-Use Projects


Recent court cases have brought the structure of mixed-use projects to the forefront for DRE management. Historically there have been cases where, if the commercial property owner is a significant or influential entity, the commercial property is afforded the means to control the HOA. It is not uncommon for a commercial property to be burdened […]

Industry News: AB 1448 Becomes Law

AB 1448

AB 1448, “The Clothesline Bill” became law in November, 2015. The bill allows HOAs to adopt ‘reasonable’ restrictions against clothes drying on balconies, railings, awnings, or other parts of a structure. The courts may ultimately have to test what “reasonable” means, since the law does not give clear guidelines. To see a copy of the […]