Case Studies

Recent projects we've worked on for developers, HOAs and organizations.

Overcoming Issues with Development Plans.

One of our Clients purchased property and had it entitled for 50+ condominium units in a resort area.  They went to a local engineer, who drew up the condominium plan on the one-lot parcel, in accordance with the entitlement.  The only problem was that the HOA dues were extraordinarily high for the

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We were approached by a developer who had been working with three different consultants for 18 exasperating months, to obtain a Public Report on a project that was stalled.  They couldn’t even get to a Conditional (Yellow) Report during this time.  They had a Pink Report, which allowed them to advertise and

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Technical Knowledge

Another Client had several vacant land parcels in a rural unincorporated area.  They had been working with a consultant to obtain a Public Report for several months and had reached an impasse with the DRE.  The difficulty was that some of the parcels fronted on public roads, and others were accessed over

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Timing is everything.

One of our clients, who had owned a “shelf” (rental) Condominium project for several years, decided to renew the existing Public Report and sell all of the units.  Doing so involved having a new Reserve Study prepared, to create a start-up Budget for the HOA, and file the DRE applications and

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