E-FILING becomes a reality in 2018


E-FILING becomes a reality in 2018 Electronic filings have been discussed for the past five years, and some thought it might never happen.  Alas, it is happening, in 2018.  Our firm will be participating in beta testing of pink report application filings in July of 2018.  Based on the success rate of the beta filings, […]

Processing Delays at DRE on the Horizon

Expect delays sign

It’s official – the Department of Real Estate is back!  The former Bureau of Real Estate has regained independence and is back to operating as an independent Department within California’s government structure.   Since this announcement, management has scrambled to hire administrative staff to support the Department, filling 18 new positions in July; but those are not […]

The Benefits to Living in A Common Interest Development

Home community

A well-run Homeowners Association (HOA) can lead to an increase in property value and heightened satisfaction from owners and can considerably enhance your home ownership experience. A recent survey from The Community Associations Institute reported 84% of HOA members stated their governing board continually acted in the best interest of their community, and that 85% […]

Why It’s Good To Be A Home Builder In California  

Framing a home

It’s a great time to be a homebuilder in California.  Not only is our state a gorgeous place to live, but it’s a state very much in need of more homes.  Below are a few reasons it’s a fantastic time to be a homebuilder in California: Building Adds Jobs To The State According to a […]