3 Things I Learned in the First 3 Months of Starting My Company

Starting a new business comes with financial, technical and employee-related hurdles that one may not think to plan for ahead of time. 

Key Takeaways
> Make as many financial preparations as possible to counteract those first few bumpy months of starting up a new business. Expect the unexpected.

> Invest in good equipment whenever possible, and makes plans for backup methods of managing your business if things break down.

> Focus on creating a good environment for your team, and realize they may struggle during the first few months of a new business as well. Work to foster the growth of a collaborative culture that will withstand the inevitable stress of starting a new business.

It goes without saying that starting a new business comes with unexpected challenges and hurdles along the way. Despite the best-laid plans and attempts at preparation, here are three significant challenges that permeated the early months of my startup and are worth keeping in mind for those who also intend to branch out and start their own businesses.

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