HOA Budgeting: Tips For Creating A Cost-Efficient HOA

It's best for HOA board members and their community to be transparent with one another in HOA budgeting matters.

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) are a vital part of a well-run, well-kept, and well-organized community. A good HOA ensures that a private community looks attractive and pristine, and helps make it a great place to live. Essentially, a Homeowners’ Association is the catalyst that turns a block of condos from somewhere to live into a genuine community.  Setting […]

The Wisdom of Creating Multiple Street Lots

Selling homes in phases?  Consider structuring your next subdivision map to include multiple road lots.  Asphalt streets are definitely one of the most expensive items that HOA’s maintain.  Breaking the road lot into multiple lots to match your sales plan can save thousands. Think of it this way; if you have all of the streets […]

Housing Is Looking Up

Last night, before going to bed, I saw the S&P Homebuilders Index (XHB) was up over 8% in after-hours trading. This morning, I checked and the Index was holding up over 4%!   Why the jump?   That’s after the NAHB and Wells Fargo released worse than expected housing data showing the effects of the […]

RE 618H

In September, a revised RE 618H form was published by the DRE. This revision allows for budget assessment changes in the Public Report. With the new process, we simply need to file an amendment application and $600 fee, then the DRE will approve use of the RE 618H form to be used with the existing […]

Solar Requirements Impact on Final Public Report

With the new solar requirements coming into effect in 2020, we have confirmed that the DRE will maintain their “hands off” approach to reviewing solar (lease/sale) documents. That is, unless the Subdivider is a party or related subsidiary to the solar installer. In that case, the DRE will want to review every document, to ensure […]

Check Out Our Phasing Predictor

You have a new project and you’re ready to get going! You’re just not sure the best course of action to take? Many questions may be crossing your mind, such as, “How many phases should there be?” or “How much money is this going to cost me?” No worries! We’ll help you put the best […]

Structuring Phased Common Area

We often work with our clients to create a successful phasing program, being careful to annex common areas at the right time, allowing us to avoid spikes in HOA dues. Being able to plan for the eventual addition of specific common improvements to the HOA helps to avoid “front loading” the association with heavy improvements […]

Mapping With HOA Dues In Mind


As HOA Start-up Budgets are being created, a question we hear often is “can the dues be reduced?” More often than not, the HOA dues in the early phases are higher simply because of the way the development has been mapped. One big item that impacts the HOA dues in the early phases is quite […]

Are CC&Rs Required?

Do's and don'ts

One question we are asked from time to time, is whether or not a client should record CC&Rs  (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions) on their project.  The answer is often also a question:  Does the local agency require that CC&Rs be recorded?  Depending upon the type of community being created, it may be that no CC&Rs […]

Budgeting for Variable Assessments

Stack of coins

Not all lots or units are created equal.  Sometimes the range of differences is based on square footage, location, or certain amenities like ADUs or outside patios.  Other times it may be simply that certain groups are designated as “affordable,” which requires a lower dues assessment level. If the difference is due to size, determining […]