Which asphalt coating is best for HOA road repair?

Flowers growing in cracks of damaged asphalt. HOAs often wonder, "which asphalt coating is best for HOA road repairs?".

Roads are an invisible staple of our lives, blending in with the hum of daily to-dos and errands. Unless, of course, the road you’re driving on needs asphalt repair. From potholes and traffic congestion to increased wear-and-tear on vehicles, poorly maintained roads are no laughing matter for those who rely on them for commutes. A […]

HOA Budgeting: Tips For Creating A Cost-Efficient HOA

It's best for HOA board members and their community to be transparent with one another in HOA budgeting matters.

Homeowners Associations (HOAs) are a vital part of a well-run, well-kept, and well-organized community. A good HOA ensures that a private community looks attractive and pristine, and helps make it a great place to live. Essentially, a Homeowners’ Association is the catalyst that turns a block of condos from somewhere to live into a genuine community.  Setting […]

This Week, in Economic News….

The U.S. Census Bureau reported a 22% jump in new construction housing over June, which was 23% higher than May. This is almost 10% higher than July of 2019. Also up, was the builder confidence index and as published by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), we saw a 6-point jump from the previous month, bringing it to 78 […]

Re-Phasing Your Subdivision

Remember that old saying about what happens when you ASSUME?  Well… it’s still true. We have a client who bought close to 100 lots on a take-down schedule last year in an older planned development that had been stalled out.  It was a “broken” project, with 50 lots in Phase 1, with a half dozen […]

Waiver of Assessments for Common Areas or Maintenance Areas

DRE Regulations allow for HOA assessments to be waived for HOA-maintained improvements that are not complete. Regulation 2792.16c, in a nutshell, allows a complete deferment of costs associated with improvements that are not being maintained by the HOA.  It’s actually illegal for the HOA to charge assessments for expenses that they do not incur. IF […]

The Wisdom of Creating Multiple Street Lots

Selling homes in phases?  Consider structuring your next subdivision map to include multiple road lots.  Asphalt streets are definitely one of the most expensive items that HOA’s maintain.  Breaking the road lot into multiple lots to match your sales plan can save thousands. Think of it this way; if you have all of the streets […]

Releasing DRE Bonds

Filing bonds on subdivisions are one of those requirements that you can’t often avoid, without delaying getting your project to market.  Subdividers under a Final Public Report must be diligent to ensure compliance with the DRE process when releasing bonds. An early or “illegal” release creates a material change to your development, necessitating an Amended Public Report […]

Housing Is Looking Up

Last night, before going to bed, I saw the S&P Homebuilders Index (XHB) was up over 8% in after-hours trading. This morning, I checked and the Index was holding up over 4%!   Why the jump?   That’s after the NAHB and Wells Fargo released worse than expected housing data showing the effects of the […]

Our Differences Are Also Our Strengths

What crazy times we’re living in!  As if we all didn’t have enough going on this year already, Covid-19 has brought HOA communities throughout California to sheltering-in-place.  Reaching community members has come to another level.  While we must always be mindful of personal health, and exposure to unhealthy possibilities, HOA business must go on. As […]

The Importance of Partnerships

We recently had an interesting case that brought real life issues to the forefront of our Reserve Study services. Every single HOA board has at least one of these owners….the Member who doesn’t want to add one cent to the budget. No matter how many ways the increase might be justified, this person always votes […]