Phasing in a Market Downturn

When times are good – phasing your marketing program can be a headache.  When times are slow, however, Phasing can be a lifesaver!  I’ve always thought of marketing Phasing like an insurance policy: it’s a necessity that’s good to have in place just in case you need it later on. We’ve been receiving phone calls […]

Check Out Our Phasing Predictor

You have a new project and you’re ready to get going! You’re just not sure the best course of action to take? Many questions may be crossing your mind, such as, “How many phases should there be?” or “How much money is this going to cost me?” No worries! We’ll help you put the best […]

Structuring Phased Common Area

We often work with our clients to create a successful phasing program, being careful to annex common areas at the right time, allowing us to avoid spikes in HOA dues. Being able to plan for the eventual addition of specific common improvements to the HOA helps to avoid “front loading” the association with heavy improvements […]

Phasing Predictor Launch

calculator photo

It is that time again. The time of year to hone in on short term goals and personal achievements for the coming year. And, if you are anything like the average American, your top goals for 2019 may include reducing stress, tighter monetary management, and a well-proportioned relationship between the work-life balance. Fortunately, CBS has […]

Phasing Predictor – Why You Need It

Magic orb

When we ask our clients about their marketing phasing, we tend to get many blank stares or, “well, what is everyone else doing?”  There is a better way – a crystal ball for marketing phasing – The Phasing Predictor. After all, we’re just a bunch of math geeks who love excel formulas – what better […]