AB 1482: Examining The Tenant Protection Act Of 2019

The California State Capitol, representing the passage of AB 1482 legislation.

On October 8, 2019, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1482, known as the Tenant Protection Act of 2019. This legislation enacted statewide rent control throughout California, effective January 1, 2020. There are numerous provisions included in this bill that impact tenants and landlords alike. We’ll discuss the specific provisions and future impacts of AB […]

Cash flow or component funding: Which is best for a reserve study?

A piggy bank next to three stacks of coins on a table, representing reserve funding methods.

Preserving market values with sound financial management and informed budgets is a critical task for any board of directors. It’s common for board members to wonder which reserve funding method is best; should they use cash flow or component funding? Properly planning out your Homeowners Association’s budget ensures that you’re prepared for significant repairs and […]

Dangers of an underfunded HOA reserve fund

At first glance, it’s tricky to see the dangers of an underfunded HOA reserve. Many HOAs often don’t understand the value of an adequate HOA reserve fund — until it’s too late!

Subdivision Names: How To Name A Community (Tips & Examples)

Naming a residential subdivision is never easy.  You’ve not only got to make sure your name ticks all the right legal boxes, but you’ve also got to find a name that sells and markets your subdivision in the best way possible.  This means that there’s a lot of factors to consider — and not a […]

Reserve Fund Study: A Crucial Long-Term Budget Planning Tool

Reserve fund studies are a crucial long-term financial analysis tool for any Homeowner’s Association (HOA).  Why? Well, a reserve fund study provides valuable long-term financial information. In California, reserve studies are also required by law — and must be kept up to date with relevant costs and prices. Reserve studies are also helpful for property […]

Housing Is Looking Up

Last night, before going to bed, I saw the S&P Homebuilders Index (XHB) was up over 8% in after-hours trading. This morning, I checked and the Index was holding up over 4%!   Why the jump?   That’s after the NAHB and Wells Fargo released worse than expected housing data showing the effects of the […]

Our Differences Are Also Our Strengths

What crazy times we’re living in!  As if we all didn’t have enough going on this year already, Covid-19 has brought HOA communities throughout California to sheltering-in-place.  Reaching community members has come to another level.  While we must always be mindful of personal health, and exposure to unhealthy possibilities, HOA business must go on. As […]

The Importance of Partnerships

We recently had an interesting case that brought real life issues to the forefront of our Reserve Study services. Every single HOA board has at least one of these owners….the Member who doesn’t want to add one cent to the budget. No matter how many ways the increase might be justified, this person always votes […]

HOA Maintenance Or $20M Lawsuit?

HOA swing set that requires routine HOA maintenance.

In February 2018, a Nevada teenager successfully sued a homeowners association for $20 million after suffering a traumatic brain injury when a swing set’s metal bar broke and landed on the teenager’s head. The old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” shouldn’t apply to HOA maintenance and repairs in homeowners associations. Rather than […]