CBS in the News: How to Prevent the Next Surfside

Our President Scott Ford was recently featured in the Residential Real Estate Council’s publication “The Residential Specialist.” Scott wrote a guest column on how to avoid structural catastrophe and prevent the next Surfside collapse. In the piece, he provides actionable advice for real estate agents representing clients looking at communities with HOAs: What should they ask about the HOA before their clients make a purchase?

Read the full article for Scott’s advice for REALTORS–and, really, anyone involved with HOAs.

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Effective July 1, DRE Has Increased Their Filing Fees

The California Department of Real Estate (DRE) is implementing new regulations that impact buyers and sellers. These new regulations will implement higher fees, revised mapping regulations, and new building configurations. Real estate professionals and stakeholders—particularly developers—must familiarize themselves with these updates to navigate the evolving regulatory framework and continue providing high-quality services. We’ve created a blog post with helpful information on the updated filing fees and a full analysis of the changes.

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