During the life of a development, the subdivider and/or homebuilder will engage in many partnerships with consultants and subcontractors along the way to get the job done.  The job of course, being completed subdivision and common area improvements, as well as residences for sale to homebuyers.

It is important that the Partners are involved team members – they have their eyes are on the ball, and they are committed to bringing the project to completion.  As a consultant, we will usually have an opinion on anything that touches our area of responsibility, and we are willing to work with our developer and builder partners to make sure that the representations made in the DRE filing, and the obligations under the budgeting program is understood up front.  It is never a good thing to have misunderstandings in either arena!

I wanted to bring out the fact that, while the documentation that is used as a basis for our budgeting, and our backup information for completing and filing DRE apps is a part of our proprietary materials, we work hard to collaborate with our clients on the preparation of these documents, and when it is necessary to provide the backup, we are more than willing to do so.  Ours is an open book!

Making sure that the partners on the team are in sync and have a unified vision for the development is an integral part of a successful project – from beginning to end.  Carrying that forward, it is important that the HOA Manager that comes on board after sales commence is introduced to the program and CBS is happy to assist in that transition. 

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Overcoming Resistance to HOA Budget Contributions

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