Popular Markets to Invest In Real Estate In 2021

Our President Scott Ford was interviewed by Prudential Cal on the popular markets to invest in real estate in 2021. In case you missed the article, here’s a recap: 

  1. Texas

Cities including Austin, Dallas, and Houston have some of the fastest-growing job markets in the world and the real estate is surprisingly affordable.

  1. New Hampshire

New Hampshire is an ideal place to invest in real estate since tourism is the 2nd largest industry and the state has year-round recreational activities. 

  1. Fresno, California

Well, earlier this year, the LA Times named Fresno, California, the hottest housing market in the nation due to development booming in the Central Valley as a whole. 

  1. Tier 1 Metros; NYC, LA, Bay Area

Investors who are looking to earn a stable income from their rental investment properties should continue to invest in 2+ bedroom homes in Tier1 metros like NYC, LA and Bay Area. 

  1. Industrial Real Estate

The industrial market has a greater diversity as compared to any other real estate market and has the most compelling perks such as efficient space that comes in all shapes and sizes. 

  1. Agricultural Estate

Farmland has been a solid investment option for many years and it still is since you can use the land to build your own farm, or rent it out to someone as well. 

  1. Commercial Market

The commercial real estate market is in a boom right now and there are many benefits for investors to dive into this market.

  1. Boise, Idaho

With an annual appreciation rate of nearly 20%, Boise holds the 1st position for real estate investment in the U.S. Boise has a high population growth rate, and the job growth here is 2-3 times the national average. 

  1. Dallas, Texas

The strong availability of housing stocks coupled with high rental rates has made Dallas a great market to invest in. The diverse economy in this city accommodates people from different income levels and different housing demands.

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