Streamlining Success in a Limited Timeframe

A national builder bought finished lots in a Golf & Country Club Residential community located in Northern California faced a pressing challenge when they urgently needed a Final Public Report to make an upcoming closing. However, the existing Homeowners Association (HOA) had hired a Reserve Specialist to complete the annual reserve study which had been delayed. This delay was preventing the completion of the Final Public Report. To meet the closing deadline and ensure a smooth transaction, they came to us needing a full Reserve Study immediately. Despite the limited time available, we managed to complete the study within 72 hours!

As a result, we promptly provided the necessary information to the DRE, enabling the builder to obtain their Final Report for their upcoming closings and stay on track with their schedule.

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Effective July 1, DRE Has Increased Their Filing Fees

The California Department of Real Estate (DRE) is implementing new regulations that impact buyers and sellers. These new regulations will implement higher fees, revised mapping regulations, and new building configurations. Real estate professionals and stakeholders—particularly developers—must familiarize themselves with these updates to navigate the evolving regulatory framework and continue providing high-quality services. We’ve created a blog post with helpful information on the updated filing fees and a full analysis of the changes.

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