Reserve Studies Are Important For New Developments


When a new development is being marketed at startup, the initial HOA operating budget is created based on estimates and projections – the improvements are usually incomplete at the time the budget is created. As a result, the as-built improvements may be slightly different than originally planned. For real estate professionals marketing the new development, […]

Subsidy Agreement vs. Maintenance Agreement


In large developments, phasing the sale outs is inevitable, to avoid exposure to HOA assessments.   Most likely, the first few phases will have the majority of the common area due to the structure of the subdivision map, causing the HOA to be “front-loaded.” This front-loading of amenities results in the first phases having unusually high […]

How Much are Your Phases Costing You?

Money eye

Planning and implementing your marketing budget is crucial to the success of your business. Defining your financial projections, determining expected capital expenditures, and understanding current and future market conditions will be essential to your project’s success. We know that our clients have timelines and sales objectives to be met that are imperative to achieving their […]