We are dedicated to providing exceptional service and professional integrity to our clients. We are committed to

providing the highest level of professionalism while striving to develop lasting relationships with our customers that exceeds their expectations, gaining their trust through exceptional service, and technical knowledge.

Who We Are

California Builder Services (CBS) is a single-source consulting firm specializing in Bureau of Real Estate Public Report Processing, HOA start-up Budgeting, and Reserve Study Analysis. Our team has created thousands of homeowner association budgets for developments of all types and scopes, executing every project with accuracy and efficiency. Both of our Principals manage a full caseload of files and collaborate with our staff to ensure that our work exceeds expectations.

Our staff is comprised of trained professionals who specialize in the BRE approval process. Our role is facilitator for customers who are required to obtain approvals from the California Bureau of Real Estate.

Alice Ford

Alice has over 35 years of experience in working with subdivisions. Her background includes title, escrow, marketing, Budgets and BRE processing. Alice also provides whatever assistance or training is necessary to insure that all of our clients understand the process and requirements for new home sales and HOA start ups. With her years of experience, she is also capable of providing our clients with feedback on the structure of their development.

Scott Ford

With a military background and experience in law enforcement, Scott is keenly sensitive to compliance with legal requirements. Specializing in the BRE Process and Reserve Studies, Scott has handled full caseloads of projects that range from small parcel maps to large multi-phase condominiums. Scott has completed his MBA, and has been instrumental in moving our services into a new era of service through technology

elvira headshot
Subdivision Consultant

Elvira Cruz

Elvira brings valuable experience and knowledge after a career in the Escrow and Title Industry. With 15 years in Escrow, she understands the sales process and is more than familiar with the documents involved in transactions. Elvira works well under pressure and in is detail oriented while understanding that timing is essential to our clients. She utilizes these skills and qualities into every project.

dawn headshot

Dawn McHenry

Dawn has several years of experience in construction administration.  With her background, she has demonstrated a keen attention to detail and a diverse knowledge base which makes her well suited to meet our customers’ needs.  Dawn is trained in BRE Processing but is also an invaluable member of our Reserve Study Department. She is ambitious, efficient, and ready to move your project forward.

john headshot

John Ford

With a career in home design, development and construction, John is more than qualified to interpret the plans and specifications for subdivision budgeting and reserve studies. John is a trained professional, who is capable of creating estimates for construction costs, as well as estimating component and materials lifetime.

Valerie Hinkle

Valerie brings over 10 years of construction administration to the CBS team. She is very familiar with construction detailing and costing and is a perfect fit for our Budget preparation department. Her understanding of construction processes and cost requirements lends the ability to review project take-offs and relate them to start up budgeting with the knowledge of a senior budget preparer.

Subdivision Consultant

Lisa Chang

Lisa joined the CBS team in 2016.  She has eight years of experience in construction project management and administration.  She is a proven task master in performing project data research quickly and her filing packages are always complete.  Lisa’s diligence contributes to overall success of the Bureau of Real Estate process, making it easier and more efficient for our clients.

Project Assistant

Angel Brune

Angel brings several years of Retail and Hospitality Management and a focus on service.  He is graduating from Fresno State with a major in Business Administration with an emphasis in Real Estate.  He brings a positive attitude, energy and an eye for detail to the CBS team.  Angel works closely with our Subdivision Consultants to ensure our projects are on track.