California Builder Services Launches

New website provides easy public access to nearly 600,000 Department of Real Estate subdivision and development public reports 

CLOVIS, CALIFORNIA — September 2021 — The California construction and real estate industries now have a new site to turn to for easy information about archived Department of Real Estate reports:

The site, maintained by California Builder Services, offers a simple search function to pull up 590,000 reports (and counting) archived over the past few decades. This includes subdivisions and developments in the state of California and developments completed by builders from California. Accessing the records is crucial when conducting research, whether it’s real estate brokers checking if disclosures are signed to builders researching regions or competitors.  

“We saw a need for this service in our industry as the current state site with this information can be difficult to navigate and cumbersome,” said Scott Ford, President of California Builder Services. “By creating a free resource we manage, we know the site will continue to stay maintained and serve everyone who needs access to this information. Our business lives and breathes DRE reports and HOA assessments, so it was only fitting to launch this site.”

The site offers multiple search options to obtain reports. When searching for DRE reports across the state, users can use the following fields:

  • File number
  • Report number
  • Tract number
  • County name
  • Issued date
  • Subdivision name

Users can either print the records, download, or export them as an Excel or CSV file. 

CBS accessed the public records through an extended Public Records Act (CPRA) request and its development team compiled all the records to create CBS will continue to not only archive and maintain current files but monitor and update its database continually. 

“It’s crucial for those of us managing HOAs in California to keep an eye on public reports for our communities,” said Pamela Ciapessoni, executive vice president and co-owner of Riverside Management, a community association management firm in California. “The records on help us ensure the public reports that show the HOA dues for phasing schedules are properly filed with California—it’s required in our state.” 

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About California Builder Services

California Builder Services, founded in 2014, is a leading independent provider of public report and HOA budgeting for builders and land developers in the state of California and an expert service provider for reserve studies for existing communities in the state and nationwide. From beachfront communities in San Diego, to vacation homes in Lake Tahoe, the team has worked with thousands of developers and associations across the state.

Located in Clovis, California, in the state’s Central Valley, CBS’ team of experts are a single source for builders, developers, and community managers it works with. CBS is the quarterback who makes construction projects and reserve studies efficient and thorough.

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