DRE vs BRE? The Right Abbreviation For California’s Department Of Real Estate

Young real estate professionals rejoice at DRE vs BRE name change

When the California Department of Real Estate (DRE) became the California Bureau of Real Estate (BRE) in 2013, it was a whopper of a change for industry professionals. On a minor level, industry professionals and licensees with the previous name had many questions about which abbreviations, (DRE vs BRE) were valid and legal. Aside from […]

California Housing Market Outlook for 2021

The year 2020 — the year of the pandemic — was a turbulent one, and California has felt its adverse effects. The state is one of the worst hits in the country, eventually becoming an epicenter of COVID-19 cases as of October last year. There is hope brought about the vaccine rollouts, but the effects […]

Why You Should Never Neglect Your Reserve Studies!

Over the past 30 years of HOA Budget preparation and consulting, we have found that an alarming number of HOAs either neglect to have a reserve study completed, or fail to have it updated with the proper disclosures required by law. This causes delays in obtaining a Public Report and can lead to significant liability […]

HOA Reserve Funds: When You Should (& Shouldn’t) Use Them

We know that financial operations like reserve funds present a unique challenge to your Homeowners Association (HOA). Proper budgeting and allocation of reserve funds can often leave you feeling confused about when you should (and shouldn’t) use them.  The purpose of an HOA reserve fund is simple: it provides a way to pay for specific […]

Understanding Subdivision Sale Requirements

Let’s be frank – navigating the world of DRE can be confusing and convoluted. There are so many subdivision sale requirements and almost no resources available to the general public that promote understanding of the topic. Our company is often asked what requirements are involved with subdivision-type sales. Here’s hoping this article can help by […]

How Long Does it Take to obtain a Public Report

Sands through the hour glass

This is by far the most-frequent question we encounter in our day-to-day business.  And the good news is, that we can usually provide a fairly good estimate of the time period required for your particular project!  The Department of Real Estate is governed by specific timeframes in which they must respond to an application filing.  […]