Our Differences Are Also Our Strengths

What crazy times we’re living in!  As if we all didn’t have enough going on this year already, Covid-19 has brought HOA communities throughout California to sheltering-in-place.  Reaching community members has come to another level.  While we must always be mindful of personal health, and exposure to unhealthy possibilities, HOA business must go on.

As an essential business, California Builder Services (CBS) is here to serve our clientele.  For many in the HOA Management community, CBS is different than any other Reserve Study source they’ve worked with.  We are proud of our differences.  One of the biggest differences is one of our strengths…. We work with land developers to create new HOA’s, including the HOA budgeting structure.  We not only understand individual reserve components, but we also understand HOA budgeting, including its challenges.

At CBS, we set out in 2020 to reach our HOA Managers and let them know that we are here.  Well, in light of all that has happened thus far this year, we are still here, and we will still be here when the pandemic has passed.

  • Responsive scheduling – get the site inspection calendared at a time that is convenient for you and the Board
  • Timely Reports – no need to pay “expedite fees”
  • All of our Reports are published including full color photos and component narratives – at no extra cost!
  • Call us today for your free quote!

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