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Builder-to-Builder Exemptions

A “subdivision” is defined as “improved or unimproved land” divided into five or more lots or parcels for the purpose of sale, lease, or

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Streets aerial view

Creating Multiple Street Lots

Selling homes in phases? Consider structuring your next subdivision map to include multiple road lots.  Asphalt streets are definitely one of the most expensive

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Deferment of Assessments

When an HOA is created, the dues start in any phase when the first lot or unit is sold. For planning purposes, it’s important

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HOA Financing

Does your HOA common area need to be rejuvenated, but your bank account doesn’t allow for much more than a new paint job?  Well,

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DRE Due-Diligence Matters

We often get calls from clients considering a purchase of a “broken” project, who are in the due diligence period on a project.   In

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